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PlaygroundOne Playsets!

Your Safety is Our #1 Priority!

We promise to bring the fun without compromising on safety!

100% Pacific Solid Cedar

Known for its natural strength and durability, naturally resistant to decay and rot, and resistant to pest infestations and fungus. Massive solid beam construction resists warping and cracking.


Oxidized Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware

Our three-step process ensures rust and corrosion-free fasteners throughout. Will not flake and “self-repairs from scratches.”


Snag-Free Safety Hardware

We eliminate sharp, protruding attachments so exposed skin won’t get scratched and clothing won’t get caught.


Non-Slip Gotcha Grips

Every safety handle, handrail, trapeze bar and ladder rung goes through our non-slip “Gotcha”process, and are attached with recessed hardware for even more safety.


Interlocking Multi-Beam Joint Construction

Reduces any type of dangerous sway, bolts are strategically positioned to ensure stability at every angle, creates less stress on hardware, and requires less maintenance.


Recessed Nuts and Bolts

Pre-drilled pilot holes allow for hidden nuts and bolts to eliminate cuts, scratches and ripped clothing.


Double Wall Safety Slides

Require no wood reinforcement and no interior or exterior protruding bolts, making them scratch and splinter-free.


Pinch-Free Safety Swings

We eliminated sharp edges and pinch points with self-locking industrial connectors that fasten our rubber dipped oversized chains to our swings.


Tire Chain Connector Cones

Pinch-free, rubber-dipped, over-sized chains, connected to corrosion and scrape-free industrial-sized safety cones.


360° Trapeze Rings

Rings rotate with natural hand movement for greater grip control.


Our Parent-to-Parent Promise

Fun Factory Outlet is committed to bringing the highest quality, longest-lasting, and safest playsets to your backyard.


Test Before You Invest!

Not sure what will work best for your family?
Swing by our showroom today!
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