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Bring The Fun Back To Your Backyard

Quality Playsets, Basketball Hoops, and More!

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Our Parent-to-Parent Promise

Fun Factory Outlet is committed to bringing the highest quality, longest-lasting, and safest playsets to your backyard.


What To Consider


Will it hold up to repeated use as your kids swing, slide, jump and swing some more? Will they have a safety-first design that prevents kids from getting stuck between bars or cutting themselves on sharp bolts? When you choose a playset that has been built and tested by the pros, you can rest easy knowing that your children will be safe to play!


Do you have a large or smaller backyard? Is your yard made up of oddly shaped corners or have tree roots sticking up? Is your yard level? All these factors and more will go along way in helping you choose the right Playset for your family.


What will your kids love most? Are they natural furniture climbers? Do they tend to swing on Dad's arm when walking into the store? Thinking about how to customize playground equipment to your kids’ abilities and passions will help narrow down some options.

potential upgrades

Invest in a modular playset that you can expand or modify as kids grow up — by swapping out bucket swings for belt swings, for instance, or by adding on a tall spiral slide when that will seem appealing rather than scary. Playground One provides nearly unlimited options for customizations.

Why Fun Factory Outlet?

The best and safest materials make a difference!

  • Pacific Cedar

  • Massive Solid Beam Construction

  • Interlocking Multi-Beam Joint Construction

  • Oxidized Hot Dipped Galvanized Hardware

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Test Before You Invest!

Not sure what will work best for your family?
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Bring the fun back to your backyard!

Your one-stop-shop for all of your playset needs right here in Central Indiana.

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